Cremation Urns

Ocala Marble & Granite Works offer a lovely collection of cremation urns in a variety of unique styles and designs. In addition to the urns we have on display, we can special order cremation urns for you.

If you desire the creation of a memorialization that expresses the individuality of your loved one, we can also custom design a cremation urn to create a special tribute. 

The following are popular styles of cremation urns:

Giving Tree Urn – The Giving Tree Urn is designed for placement in cremation gardens or traditional garden areas, resembles a freshly-cut tree trunk.

Sculpted Bronze – Bronze is called the metal of the ages because of its elegance and durability. Each of our sculpted cast bronze urns is a handcrafted work of art as well as an enduring memorial tribute.

Cast Bronze – Our collection of cast bronze urns is designed to withstand the test of time. The distinctive shapes and designs, captured in everlasting bronze, reflect individual tastes and personalities beautifully.

Fabricated Bronze – We offer a selection of fabricated bronze urns for those who desire modest, yet timeless designs.

Cultured Marble – For centuries, marble has been used by artists and designer for classic ornamental works. We offer a collection of cultured marble urns in a variety of handsome shapes and inspirational colors. Cultured marble urns are also available in infant sizes.

Artisan Metal – Artisan metal urns express individuality in a wide array of colors.

Photos courtesy of Matthews International Corporation